Creating a cleaner world on Hamilton Island

Case Study: Creating a cleaner world on Hamilton Island

Last month we hosted an exciting conference on the gorgeous Hamilton Island. Working closely with the client, we ensured the event focussed on their efforts to create a more sustainable planet.

This involved our team planning activities around sustainability practices, but also making sure our client’s team members were having fun and staying engaged with the overall message. Discover how we went about organising an event on Hamilton Island aimed at creating a cleaner world.

The event plan: A focus on sustainability

As previously explored by Impact Events, sustainability is a hot conference trend this year. And there’s no better example than this event, where sustainability was the driving force.

Our client, a global FMCG corporation, has mandated a number of initiatives globally to reduce waste, improve recycling and educate employees and consumers on sustainable practices. The key message that our client wanted to tell was around bridging the gap between these conservation initiatives and broader environmental issues. This led to developing the conference theme: ‘Create a cleaner world’.

Our client’s request was to develop activities that could drive employees’ interest and embrace the company’s initiative, which is why we chose to plan this event with the team at Wild Mob and Tangaroa Blue.

Wild Mob and Tangaroa Blue are not-for-profit organisations that work on science-led conservation programs. This involves collecting marine waste debris, identifying the pollution, and sourcing and feeding the information into a database to assist the Government and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in their efforts at marine conservation. With their help, we were able to develop a series of activities over two days that were fun, engaging and, importantly, focused on sustainability.

Key activities

Day 1

Attendees arrived in Hamilton Island and enjoyed exploring the fantastic facilities that would be available for the two-day event.

After engaging conference sessions to settle in, guests were then able to let their hair down with a poolside welcome function and after party that went well into the night!

Day 2

Day two commenced with a group breakfast by the beach, where attendees heard from Wild Mob board member Jo Ritchie. Teams of four were then organised for the Be Challenged/Wild Mob activity.

This program was designed with the Go-Team app, which gave teams the instructions to complete a variety of challenges and tasks around the island to earn points.

It included two compulsory challenges:

  1. Wild Mob Station: Tangaroa Blue marine debris sorting competition. Teams were tasked with separating and counting items of debris collected by Wild Mob from a nearby beach and identify what was polluting the environment, the source of the pollution and what categories they fitted into.
  2. Wild Mob Station: Three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. This activity was done in collaboration with Carolyn Roche, the Assistant Director of Communication and Regional Engagement for the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority. Teams had to brainstorm and deliver creative ideas for waste reduction, then present them to Wild Mob and Carolyn.

Additional challenges to score bonus points included:

  • collecting rubbish
  • team photos/videos in key locations
  • photographing wildlife
  • David Attenborough impersonation videos of wildlife
  • on-demand questions from their GPS relating to keynote topics and trivia.

After the teams engaged in some friendly competition, they had earned a break in Whitehaven Beach, where either snorkeling or a picturesque hike were on offer.

An entertaining gala dinner at the Hamilton Island Yacht Club was the perfect ending to a successful event, where team members celebrated, dressed up and enjoyed the festivities.

Key outcomes

Bringing all of the main elements and organisations together was a key challenge, and one the Impact Events team relished. Be Challenged and Wild Mob did a fantastic job running the team building exercises and seemed to enjoy helping coordinate the program as much as our client enjoyed participating in it!

“Their creativity with different challenges was also up there with some of the best we’ve seen, especially their Baywatch films!” a team rep from Be Challenged said. “Incorporating Wild Mob and Tangaroa Blue was a huge success too; they did an awesome job and participants were mentioning to me post-event how informing the two activities were.”

Our client was incredibly pleased with how the fun activities and stunning location allowed for a deep sense of education on sustainability.

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You can see more from our Hamilton Island trip in the video below: