Incentive Program


Encouraging loyalty and engagement with your channel partners and customers is paramount to every business. As a global expert in executing rewards programs, Impact makes it easy to devise a program that strengthens your business relationships.

First we create a rewards strategy that facilitates your needs, driven to improve your bottom line. Then we seamlessly execute the program and use technology to easily measure points and disburse rewards. You can create awards programs:

– to engage customers to measure the success of a sales or marketing activity
– to generate meaningful feedback through standard and custom reporting
– to set up quizzes and surveys for a new product launch.

…or anything you can think of!

Types of rewards for incentive programs

At Impact, you’ll always experience our trademark personal touch. Our strong history of client retention proves it; from day one, we’re guaranteed to become part of your team. You can count on us to know every single detail and provide constant, everyday support.


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