Impact is beneficial to our business; they work with us not for us. They take time to understand and get involved and to know our customers and franchisees.

The money we spend on Impact we get back in spades by savings in dinners, hotels, airfares, entertainment and time spent. Our conference is very content heavy, and Impact take care of the details which gives us time to focus on the content and our customers and which is important to us.

Sponsors, suppliers and customers spend a lot of money with us and as such Impact is able to take great care of those people by organising flights, accommodation and trade stands. They spend time with our sponsors during the conference to make sure all of their needs are met.

Impact is in the business of events, and we place a lot of trust in them, and they cut a lot of things off at the pass, solve problems and come to us with solutions.

Impact is part of the family.