Aligning business events with a charity

It’s no secret that giving to charities is an inherently good and altruistic thing to do. However, can getting charity organisations involved with your business event be good for business, too?

At Impact Events, we’ve seen first-hand the popularity of combining business events with charity work take off over the last few years. With an increased focus on sustainable and ethical practices, more companies are taking it upon themselves to make a difference.

More organisations are realising that the power of charity work is that in giving, we receive. By aligning your business event with a charity organisation, you will see improved staff morale, emotional investment from customers and a better public image. This unique opportunity is heightened yet again when the cause aligns directly with something meaningful to your business.

Business events with heart — bringing sustainability and social contribution to your next business event

Let’s take a look at some ways that we’ve helped businesses create meaningful events that give back to the community.

Team building with a difference

In one of our most recent conferences, our team-building exercise saw participants completing challenges around Noosa to earn points (and have a fun in the process). The difference? Beyond bragging rights, participants’ points also represented donated meals to the charity: Our Big Kitchen (OBK). Our Big Kitchen is a community-run organisation that provides nourishing meals to needy people across Sydney. By the end of the challenge, the team had enough points to cover 1750 meals!

Creating a cleaner world (and office)

Another example that we’ve touched on previously is the ‘Create a cleaner world’ conference. With a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) client mandating many global initiatives to reduce waste, improve recycling and educate employees and consumers on sustainable practices. This idea was front and centre at their conference, which was equally engaging, on-topic and good for the world.

Corporate meets conservation

Customising activities to drive employee’s interest and to embrace the company’s initiative, we collaborated with the team at Tangaroa Blue. This not-for-profit organisation heads science-led marine conservation programs to assist the government and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. With their help, we created fun, engaging activities with a focus on sustainability.

Trust in the experts

There is no shortage of ways to involve charities in events that match the conference theme and the message you need to get across to your delegates. At Impact Events, we can customise any event or conference to support your business’ objectives and help the community at the same time. To ensure your next event goes off without a hitch, get in touch with our team of expert event organisers today.

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