Impact events COVID-19 Update

Like millions of people around the globe, the team at Impact have been working from home as we continue to prepare, plan and patiently wait for travel restrictions to lift so we can continue to do what we love – delivering amazing conferences and incentives that fulfill our clients marketing objectives!

With our team constantly being on the road delivering “amazing events” the transition to home-based operations has been seamless as we regularly work off-site and with our VOIP phone system our clients won’t notice the difference.

Apart from planning, training and undertaking other activities to enhance what we do, we are about to launch a “virtual” conference platform. While we don’t see this replacing face to face meetings, we do think it has a future for our clients to supplement their current programs. More on this over the coming weeks as we roll out our first test site.

Our weekly team zoom meetings see the team discussing the various ways we have all managed to fill our spare time. A wide variety of activities from quilt making, gardening, exercise, house cleaning to bottomless virtual brunches were mentioned! We all agreed, we can’t wait to make the most of the opportunity to explore our own backyard (or NZ) sometime soon.

We wish all of our clients and colleagues in the industry the best in these trying times and we have no doubt we will all rebound strongly once this is over with so we can all continue to create amazing moments and memories in Australia and abroad!