Still Strong & Celebrating 20 Years

Time flies – and 27 September marked our 20-year anniversary!

While 2020 has presented more challenges than cause for celebration, we believe that running a successful business for two decades is a significant milestone in anyone’s books.

So, while we may not be popping the champagne, we’re taking the time to reflect on many positives that will help us get to the other side and thrive once again.

Overcoming adversity

COVID-19 may be unprecedented, but this is not our first rodeo. Over the last 20 years, Impact has successfully steered clients through SARS, 9/11, the global financial crisis and natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions.

Relationships that stand the test of time

Many clients have shared the journey with us – some contracts even lasting 15+ years! This loyalty speaks to our unwavering high standards of customer service, alongside a fierce determination to constantly improve.

The longevity of our team is also worth commending. Most of our team members have been with us for 10+ years. They are truly invested in both ours and our client’s success.

Moving fast with unparalleled efficiency

With COVID-19 sweeping across the globe, the Impact team in the space of 2 weeks during March cancelled conference and incentive programs to the UK, Vietnam, Thailand and Egypt, as well as domestic conferences in Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne.

We navigated many complexities involved with airline ticketing, including problematic hotel and ground supplier contractual issues that were clouded by travel bans. Our staff worked relentlessly during this time. In the end, we saved our clients AU$2 million+ in liabilities.

Peace of mind and unrivalled financial outcomes

Impact has now completed hundreds of refunds to clients and event attendees with virtually no complaints. Our dealings with suppliers are founded on respect – that’s how we get the most out of every budget and deliver excellent win-win results.

We are proud of our efforts, especially given the negative publicity surrounding travel supplier reimbursements. I can’t thank our team enough for persevering through this very stressful time (and enduring the heartbreak that comes with unwinding events they’d been planning for years).

What’s new: Virtual events

To meet COVID-safe guidelines, we have adapted our business offering to include virtual events. You can trust we have invested heavily in technology and training so customers can enjoy:
• Virtual conference sessions
• Virtual e-poster sessions
• Virtual exhibition and instant video meetings with exhibitors
• Virtual group discussions in pre-allocated groups
• Virtual networking functions with other attendees

Post-COVID, we believe virtual events will continue. Hybrid events that allow for both face-to-face and online participation will become commonplace. However, there are always shared moments between attendees that you can’t replicate in a virtual world.

What’s next: Travel trends

We have seen very strong interest in far North Queensland and the Northern Territory (especially the Kimberley region), with new bookings already in place for 2021. We believe these will be THE top destinations next year, amidst strong demand for domestic travel (pending state borders opening).

Fingers crossed at some stage we’ll see a trans-Tasman bubble that includes the south-west Pacific islands for travel to further locations such as New Zealand and Fiji. We think it’s unlikely we will see any international movements outside of these areas in 2021.

Looking ahead to 2021

Overall, we feel confident that next year will be about rebirth and recovery. In the meantime, we will wait for a viable vaccine to be developed and distributed, hopefully in the next 6-12 months.

We’d like to thank everyone for being part of our journey so far. While there won’t be any parties for our 20th, watch out! We’ll be celebrating our 21st birthday next year in style.

Stay safe, stay well, and we look forward to working with you in 2021.